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Let’s try this again. Apologies to bagelstuck, I think I answered this privately the first time. Or tumblr ate it or something happened, I don’t even know. ANYWAYS. 

2. Which character do you connect to the most? Though he’s technically more in The Hobbit and not LotR, they’re in the same canon, so my answer would be Bilbo. He really wants to go see the world and have an adventure and all of that, but he also wants the comforts of home, meaning good food, a warm hearth, a soft bed, and lots and lots of books. Not to mention he wants to prove himself to the dwarves, and he’s curious about their histories and just other Middle Earth races in general. And then there’s the fact that he’s the audience’s surrogate and basically introduces them to Middle Earth as a whole, and yes, I very strongly identify with Bilbo. 

4. Which scene always makes you cry? Boromir’s death. Just…gah. Even before I was really sympathetic towards Boromir, back before I learned about his history, I still cried when he was shot down. I mean, don’t tell me you can hear his “My captain…my King…” line without crying. It just can’t be done.

6. Which race would you be? Knowing my luck, I’d once more be placed in the race of Men, but I would *like* to be either a hobbit or a dwarf. A hobbit, because I love good food and the Shire, and a dwarf because I love good food and cool underground kingdoms (and, to be quite honest, I’m not that fond of the elves). So yeah, either one would be fine by me. 

8. Favorite character? For LotR, I’d have to say Gimli. He may be comic relief, but I happen to like comic relief characters. He’s funny and badass and I love how he plays off the other characters. He doesn’t need to act above it all, he’s down to earth and he’s very plain-spoken. For The Hobbit, I’d have to say Thorin. As much as I connect with Bilbo, Thorin is just such an interesting and complex character, and I can’t wait to see how Richard Armitage plays him in the next couple of movies. It doesn’t help that he’s attractive. Don’t judge me.  

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